Partner Agencies

Caritas Village Coffee Shop

Hours: M-Sat 9am-8pm
Address: 2509 Harvard Ave., Memphis, Tn, 38112
Phone Number: (901)-327-5246

Hope House

Hours: M-F 9am-3pm
Address: 23 South Idlewild St., Memphis, Tn, 38104
Phone: (901)-272-2702

Urban Family Ministries

Hours: M-F 9am-5pm
Address: 2174 Lamar Ave., Memphis, TN, 38114
Phone: (901) 323-8400  Office

Holy Trinity Community Church

Hours: M-Th 10am-5pm

Address: 685 South Highland St., Memphis, TN, 38111

Phone: (901) 320-9376


Out Memphis

Hours: M-F 2pm-6pm

Address: 892 South Cooper St., Memphis, TN, 38104

Phone: (901)-278-6422

MGLCC empowers, connects, educates and advocates for the LGBT community of the Mid-South

University of Memphis-Health Center

Hours: M,W,Th 8am-6pm, T9am-6pm, F 8am-4:30pm

Address: 3770 DeSoto Ave., Memphis, TN, 38111

Phone: (901)-678-2287



Hours: M, Tu, TH 10am - 2pm

Address: 1750 Madison Ave., Ste. 600., Memphis, TN 38104

Phone: 901.222.4425 


Partnership to END AIDS Status

Phone: (901)-315-3316

South Memphis Alliance

South Memphis Alliance works to improve the health, knowledge and stability of young people, families and communities. Our primary focus are young people and community improvement and sustainability.

Current Sites Offering Free Condoms Memphis supplies:


Hours: M-F 8:30am-4:30pm

Address: 1046 South Bellevue Blvd., Memphis, TN, 38106

Phone: (901)-774-9582

Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region

PPGMR provides access to birth control, related medical services, education and advocacy to ensure all women, men and teens in the Mid-South have the tools to plan their families and lives.

Hours: M,W,Th 9am-6pm, T 8am-4pm, Sat 9am-1pm

Address: 2430 Poplar Ave., 1st floor, Memphis, TN, 38112

Phone: (901)-725-1717



Hours: M-F 9am-12:30pm and 1:30-5pm, Sat 8am-1pm

Address: 1726 Poplar Ave., Memphis, TN 38104

Phone: (901)-274-3550


Memphis Health Center

Hours: M,W 8am-8pm, T,Th,F 8am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm

Address: 36 E Eh Crump Blvd., Memphis, TN, 38126

Phone: (901)-261-2000